There's nothing quite as evocative of the Alpes as the nutty aroma of reblechon, sizzling on top of a delicious tartiflette, when you walk into a mountain restaurant after a morning on the slopes.  Warming, hearty and comforting, it's the perfect food to keep you going all day.

The fact that cheese features heavily in mountain restaurant menus is no accident, as cheese making has long been an integral part of alpine life.  The unique, complex flavours and aromas of alpine cheeses are the result of centuries old traditions and methods, handed down through generations of cheesemongers who have used their skills to transform the rich, high quality milk from cows grazing on the lush high mountain pastures.

If you would like to know more about the alpine tradition of cheese making, why not try a guided dairy tour at La Fruitiere des Perrieres, a family affair for three generations now run by Monique and her daughter Caroline.  Comprising a dairy (the 'fruitiere', where the 'fruit' of the milk is turned into cheese), a restaurant and a cheese shop, it is the perfect place to come and learn a little more about one of the tastiest alpine traditions.

Guided tours are free and run at the following times:

Every Wednesday at 10am from 1st September to 4th November

Every Wednesday at 10am from 1st December to 31st July

Every Wednesday and Thursday at 10am from 1st August to 31st August

La Fruitiere Des Perrieres, 137 Route des Perrieres, 74260 Les Gets