Ski for Haiti this weekend in Les Gets

The Haitian Ski Federation are organising a fun "Haitian" discovery of the Ski competition during a Rasta Cool Weekend as part of their project to support the development of Haitian Sport and develop a positive image of Haiti to help in the lift the spirits of the people in Haiti.  We may think of "Rasta Rocket" but it goes beyond the anecdote since it is a development project for Haiti that began in 2010 to help Haiti following the earthquake.

Open to everyone of all ages! you do not have to be a champion or professional to participate !!! Registrants are already 5 to 74 years old.

Come and join the fun with all the family and friends. There will be races and competitions This is the fifth year Les Gets has hosted this great charity event.

Online registration is open for the "I Ski For Haiti 2018" Weekend; March 24th and 25th at Les Gets: click here for more information and to enter - this promises to be a fun weekend while helping others.